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Video Tape Repair - VHS, VHSC, Betamax, HI8, MiniDV U-Matic Tape Repairs

If your tape needs splicing, re-attaching the leader tape to the spindle or replacing the shell, Video Tape repair can make the repair for you at a reasonable price.

Have your Video tape repaired by a professional.

We can preview your unknown tapes. More Info...

Typical Video Tape Problems

We can  repair most video tape  problems. The most common repairs are tapes that have broken and tapes that get stuck and stop while playing back. We recommend transferring a  repaired video tape  to a DVD as the tape will most likely break again.

Types of problems we can repair are:

1. Broken or damaged shells

2. Tangled, snarled, or damaged sections of tape. Damaged sections of tape may have to be removed, to make the tape playable.

3. The tape shell has come apart or is broken.

4. Tape that has broken  or come off the end of the reel.

5. Tapes that won't play, or get ejected by a VCR.

6. Tapes that are missing pieces.

7. Tapes that are moldy.

8. Flood damaged tapes.

We were able to repair all the examples below

Tape just came out

You tried to fix it yourself

Melted in a fire

Your machine ate the tape

Broken in half

Tape got smashed

Flood Damaged


Video Tape Repair - Discount Pricing


Number of Tapes to Repair


    Price per Tape







More than 15


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Video Tape to DVD Transfers - Discount Pricing

Number of Video Tapes  to Transfer


Price per Tape







26 - 50



51- 100



101 - 500



501 - 750



751 - 1000



1001 +


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Flash drive

Save 5% on your project when you have your transfers put on an external hard drive or flash drive. You can supply your own or we can provide one for you. An 8GB Flash drive runs $10.  Contact us for more info.

Need Additional Copies for Family, Friends or Backup?

Additional DVD copies of your  are just 6.95. They will be exactly the same as the newly transferred  CD, including cases and labels.

We keep all  transfers on file for at least 30 days so in the event you need additional copies, we can  get them to you quickly. There's no  need to re-send us your recordings.

How do I order my Video Repair?   It's VERY EASY!

Start Here...
  • Fill Out the Order Form with all your contact information, and the number of Videos you are sending.
  • On the order form, choose the payment method you'd like to use for your Video to DVD  transfer.
  • Print out the form and place  it in a  box along with your Videos to transfer and send to the  address on the form.
  • You can also print out a shipping label.
  • When we receive your Videos, we will notify you by email.

    are available for $39 and guarantee a 48 hour turnaround from the time we receive your recordings. There's a 5 item limit and you should include your credit card info to expidite processing. Contact us if you have any questions.